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Optimus Communications

Lightning Fast Internet




$57 per month for up to 25mbps Download/3mbps Upload

$77 per month for up to 50mbps Download/5mbps Upload

$107 per month for up to 75mbps Download/10mbps Upload



$19.95 per month (Unlimited Nation Wide Calling)


$24 per month (Unlimited Nation Wide Calling and caller ID)


Mesh Network
Motorola MH7022 (up to 4 devices)
Mikrotik Audience (up to 4 devices)


Wifi coverage of approximately 6,000 sq/ft

Hours of Operations

Monday – Thursday 8am-4:30pm; Friday 8am-12pm



Fixed Wireless Internet

Utilizing the power of radio frequencies, we are able to provide lightning fast Inernet through a small radio receiver that is installed on your property.

$57 per month for up to 25mbps Download/3mbps Upload 
$77 per month for up to 50mbps Download/5mbps Upload 
$107 per month for up to 75mbps Download/10mbps Upload
$127 per month for up to 300mbps Download/100mbps Upload (In exclusive areas)


*Call for Commercial Prices

No contracts or hidden fees!

Services Include:

Optimus managed router and radio reciever


Minim operated, customer manageable router/mesh solution. *See “Mesh Routers” below
Installation Fee

$79.95 one time install fee

Secondary Service – If you have a garage/shed/mother-in-law suite where you want service provided, we can get it set-up for the cost of the installation + mother-in-law suite fee (see suite discount).


Mesh Routers- $7 for each router (maximum of 4)

Suite Fee (Secondary Service)

25mb/s – $35 per month

50mb/s – $50 per month

75mb/s – $75 per month


Mesh Solution – Wifi servicable up to 6,000 sq/ft

Mikrotik Audience and Motorola MH7022 Routers

Increased network security

Customer Manageable Router

Statistics Analytics

Parental Controls

And so much more!

See for yourself here!



Utilizing the power of internet, we are also able to provide you with Unlimited Nationwide Calling. All for $19.95 per month. Or $24 per month if you would like caller ID. Already have phone service with the phone company? We can port over your number to our system for free!



Service Areas:

Servicing most rural area’s of Mesa County Colorado

Check your address

Collbran, Mesa, Powderhorn, and Plateau Valley

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Now Servicing most of Glade Park!

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